HitBliss Beta Update

In the past few months, we at HitBliss have been working behind the scenes to collaborate with large entertainment services to make our service bigger and better. We have now reached the point where we need to put our beta on hold in order to complete the work on joining forces with these partners. We anticipate that this hiatus will take a few months.

In the meantime, you can request that your earned-cash balance be disbursed as an Amazon.com Gift Card. The instructions will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your account.

That’s about all we can say publicly for now. But when all our work is done, we think you’ll be very happy with the result. We really appreciate your patience and look forward to coming back to you soon – bigger and better!

The HitBliss Team

Most Shocking TV Deaths of 2014

The Good WifeAlthough 2014 is just getting started, there have been several shocking TV exits that have sparked heated discussion. In the past week, TV drama fans were sent reeling when longstanding characters were killed off in unexpected and swift fashion on two primetime hits – Scandal and The Good Wife. Not to mention the incredibly heartbreaking deaths that occurred on The Walking Dead just a few weeks ago, which proved the series could continue to shock us despite its already high body count.

 [Spoilers Ahead] Continue reading

HitBliss Turns 1: Celebrating One Year of Revolutionizing the Payment Landscape

HitBliss Anniversary

One year ago we launched HitBliss in beta, offering consumers a way to access premium entertainment for HitBliss earned-payment.  We started by offering the freshest movies and TV shows that are not yet available for free or subscription streaming, with the hopes of expanding the types of entertainment available to our users. Continue reading

Top 10 Songs in Movies


Eminem 8 Mile

Eminem, 8 Mile

With the recent airing of the 56th Grammys and the 86th Academy Awards quickly approaching, we’re taking a moment to look back at some of the best songs in movies. Perhaps over time, Despicable Me 2’s “Happy,” composed and performed by Grammy-winner and Oscar-nominee Pharrell Williams, will earn a spot on the list. Check out the top 10 below! Continue reading

Purchase Limit Changes

This past Friday (1/24/14), we made some changes to the purchase limits. The changes affect a very small proportion of our users.  We’re sorry that the affected users are upset by this change, but unfortunately it’s a growing pain. We’ve got a lot of people who want to use HitBliss and we need to make sure everyone has the ability to earn and Continue reading